2019 MWGA Hall of Fame Nomination Form
Nominations must be received by Saturday, November 10, 2018

The MWGA Hall of Fame is preparing for the induction of the 2019 Hall of Fame Members!

Members of the MWGA Hall of Fame are: Jack Berry, Mary Cunningham, Joan Garety, Janina Jacobs, Cynthia Pinkard, Betty Richart, Nancy Serra, Pat Shelton, Shirley Spork, and Sara Wold. Bernice Henderson, Kathy Heriford and Oleane Pearsall are Honorary Members. 


We are seeking nominations for the 2019 Induction to the MWGA Hall of Fame. A nomination form for the MWGA Hall of Fame is posted on MWGA-HOF.org to provide you the opportunity to nominate one (1) name. Please provide a list of accomplishments of your candidate preferably in resume format.  Please limit the supporting documents sent in with the nomination form to two (2) pages.  The review committee will not research additional information about the candidates and will return incomplete forms.   


When weighing an individual’s nomination to the MWGA Hall of Fame, the following factors should be considered: 


  • In terms of playing achievements, multiple state and/or national championships as opposed 

to local or regional competitions are most relevant. 

  • In terms of contributions to the game, a Michigan and statewide impact is most relevant for 

consideration. National honors and/or national elected office would be indicative of an 

individual’s exemplary service 

  • A sustained and consistent record of playing achievement and/or contribution should be 



The Nomination Form and list of accomplishments may be emailed to sara_wold@msn.com or mailed to Sara Wold, 4751 Victorian Square East, Canton, MI 48188 


Nomination forms must be received by Saturday, November 10, 2018.


The MWGA HOF Board Members will review all nominations and determine which nominees will be placed on the final ballot.  That ballot will be voted on by all MWGA members. Results of that vote will be announced in April, 2019.  


The honorees will be recognized at a luncheon and induction ceremony during the MWGA State Tournament next July. More information on the event will be available in March. Your participation in this process is appreciated.  Please contact Sara Wold with any questions at (734) 645-9839 or email at sara_wold@msn.com. 


Sincerely Yours, 


MWGA Hall of Fame Board Members 


Form may be completed online or downloaded.


Email:      wold@mwgolf.org

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