About Michigan Women's Golf Association

The Michigan Women’s Golf Association (MWGA), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, established in 1986, promotes the game of golf for all levels of amateur female players in our state.  The goal is to foster and support amateur golf by providing a forum to educate, mentor and develop amateur female golfers, including the children in the Girls Golf Program, on the rules and values of the game.  This is done by conducting and supporting competitions, educational clinics, fitness and nutrition seminars and other events that benefit members.  The MWGA has partnered with women’s golf associations across the state, region and country, as well as with the LPGA, USGA, GAM, to bring more quality competitions to amateur women golfers and to address the concerns and issues that impact women golfers at all levels.

Committee Members

Debra Horning
Francine Pegues

Cynthia Pinkard
Kathy Stellema
Lynne Thompson
Sara Wold

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