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 Michigan Women's Golf Hall of Fame
2017 Inductees 

Jack Berry.jpg


Jack Berry has been writing freelance about Michigan golf for more than 40 years as well as for the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, United Press International, Michigan Golfer, and Michigan Golfer Online. Through his writings, he has contributed to the growth of the MWGA and women’s and girls’ golf in Michigan in general. He was influential in convincing the Women’s Michigan Amateur Committee to allow public players meeting the handicap requirement to compete in the Championship in the 1990s.


Contributions and Awards

# Service Award for the work he did on the Michigan Golf summits I and II

# Promoted and publicized the formation of the MWGA and EWGAMD

# Wrote the Guide to Michigan Golf

# In 1984, he successfully had the ban lifted to allow female reporters in the Master’s locker room

# Served 10 years on the Board of Directors of the National Golf Writer Association of America, the last two years as President

# Elected to the PGA Hall of Fame for Lifetime Achievement in Journalism

# Golf Association of Michigan Distinguished Service Award in 1997

# Elected to the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame in 2003

Mary Cunningham.jpg


Mary Cunningham is an avid golfer and still plays 9 holes at the age of 92. She has been involved in women’s golf organizations for most of her life. Her enthusiasm for golf is infectious and has drawn many women into the game. She was a founder of the MWGA in 1986 and was the first President from 1986 to 1992.

Contributions and Awards

# Suburban League Golf Course Coordinator for 30+ years

# Member of the Warren Valley Women’s Golf League for 30+ years

# Warren Valley Golf Course Starter for 20 years

# Committee Member of the Senior MWGA Tournaments

# Founder of the MWGA in 1986

# MWGA Board of Directors and first MWGA President 1986 - 1992

Joan Garety_edited.jpg


Joan Garety, a MWGA member, has a superb playing record and is one of the finest amateur players in Michigan. She won the Michigan Women’s Amateur Championship twice, has qualified for 30 USGA Championships, and among many other victories, has won 12 MWGA State Championships. In 2000, she received the Rolex Achievement Award. It honors former varsity collegiate golfers who have achieved excellence in their chosen careers and made a special contribution to society. She was Vice President of Finance and Treasurer of Meijer, Inc.

Golf Record and Awards

# Played 4 years on the MSU Women’s Golf Team, which won 4 Big 10 Championships

# Michigan Women’s Amateur Champion 1982 and 1997

# GAM Mid-Am Champion 2004

# GAM Player of the Year 1997 and 1999

# GAM Senior Player of the Year 6 times – 2006-2011

# GAM Senior Player of the Decade 2010

# GAM Honor Roll 16 times

# Qualified for 30 USGA Championships

# Played in 22 Atlas Cup Matches

# 12 Grand Rapids City Titles

# MWGA Champion 7 times and Senior Champion 5 times

# MSU Scholar Athlete Alumni Award 2000

# Elected to the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame in 2003

# Rolex Achievement Award in 2000

# Inducted into the MSU Hall of Fame in 2022


Other Contributions

# Member of the MWGA Legacy Committee

# Member of the GAM 100th Anniversary of the Michigan Women’s Amateur Committee

# GAM Course Rater

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