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Michigan Women's Golf Hall of Fame 2017 Inductees

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Pat Shelton is an avid golfer who has given back to the game of golf in an extraordinary amount of time, effort and talent. She has been on the MWGA Board of Directors for 22 years. For 20 years, she was the Editor of the NEWSLINX, which was an outstanding publication of news, results, pictures, forms and documents published 6 times a year to communicate to the MWGA membership. She currently serves as  the Publicity and Promotions Director.


MWGA Contributions

# NEWSLINX Editor for 20 years

# Communications Director

# Media Relations Director

# Publicity and Promotions Director

# Michigan Golf Show – MWGA Booth Chair

# MWGA WAPL Committee – 1994 - 2014

# Member of MWGA Legacy Committee  

# GAM 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Michigan Women’s Amateur Committee

# Member of the 2015 and 2017 Michigan Women’s Golf Summit Committee

# Member of the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the MWGA Committee

# Talented Graphic Designer and Proofreader

# Produced many layouts and programs for special events such as the 10th, 20th and 30th MWGA    Anniversary Programs, and the 100th Anniversary of the Michigan Women’s Amateur Championship Program.


Other Contributions and Awards

City of Farmington Volunteer since 1989:

Beautification Commission, Visioning Process Committee, Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Main Street Organization Committee, and Main St. Messenger newsletter editor 2004-2015. She is presently DDA Press Corps Chair, responsible for maintaining release calendar, getting volunteer writers and writing as well. Also creates and designs DDA Volunteer of the Year event invitations and the program.



Farmington Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Volunteer of the Year 2008

Main Street Oakland County, MI Special Volunteer Recognition 2008 for Outstanding Volunteer Project - The Main St. Messenger newsletter

Farmington DDA Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Volunteerism 2016

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Nancy Serra is an avid golfer and has contributed an extraordinary amount of time, effort and talent to the MWGA. She has been a member of the MWGA Board of Directors for 23 years and served as President for 4 years. She is currently Vice President and has served on many MWGA Committees but mostly as the Course Coordinator on the Tournament Committee. She was a member of the USGA Women’s Amateur Public Links Committee for 8 years and served as a Rules Official at the National Championships. She has served on the Michigan Golf Foundation Board as a member of the Hall of Fame Committee.

MWGA and Other Golf Contributions

# MWGA Board of Directors for 23 years and President 4 years

# MWGA Course Coordinator and Tournament Committee for many years and current Vice President

# MWGA Rules Committee

# MWGA WAPL Committee – 1994-2014

# Member of 2014 MWGA Legacy Committee

# Member of 30th Anniversary of the MWGA Committee

# USGA Women’s Amateur Public Links Committee and Rules Official 8 years – 2006 - 2014

# Michigan Golf Foundation Board of Directors; Golf Hall of Fame Committee

# WMGA Board of Directors for 20 years and past President

shirley spork.png


Shirley Spork was a publinx golfer who attended EMU. She was invited to join the Women’s District GA and won their Match Play Championship three out of four years. She was invited to be a member of Meadowbrook CC and was able to compete in the Michigan Women’s Amateur Championship. In 1949 she was the Champion. She turned pro in 1950 and is a founder of the LPGA and the founder of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Division. She continues at the age of 89 to teach and promote women’s golf. The MWGA selected her to be one of the three women honored at the 2014 MWGA Legacy Celebration.


Contributions and Awards

# Women’s District Match Play Champion three times

# Michigan Women’s Amateur Champion 1949

# Founder of the LPGA 1950

# Founder of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Division

# Elected to the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Division first Hall of Fame Class in 2000

# Elected to the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame in 1989

# Received the LPGA Patty Berg Award in 2015

# Elected to the PGA Hall of Fame in 2019

# Elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2022

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